Food and Drinks That You Eat….

Smoking is the easiest thing to start and continue but quitting is one of the most difficult tasks you may undergo in life. Have you tried to quit smoking but failed? Well, it is really difficult to give up this habit and thousands of smokers have tried to quit this habit through various smoking cessation programs, wanting to reduce their cravings for nicotine thoroughly. Normally, smokers make various attempts through the use of gum, tablets or medication, exercise, meditation, and participating in activities which helps them forget about smoking. Most of them are willing to change their lifestyle.


However, many smokers are not aware of the vital role that food and drinks play in reducing the taste or craving of cigarettes.  There are certain foods and drinks which can be beneficial in helping us quit this habit. A study that was conducted by specialists from Duke University found that food and drinks such as meat and caffeinated drinks make you like the taste of cigarettes. However, in taking fresh vegetables and dairy food can make cigarettes seem distasteful. This fascinating discovery of research shows that taking a lot of drinks and food that affects the taste of cigarettes can enable smokers to remain smoke-free for a longer period of time.




Food and Drinks that can help us stop the smoking habit:

  1. Milk and Dairy Drinks. Milk makes cigarettes taste nasty and bitter. Some will suggest sipping cigarettes in a glass of milk, drying them and smoke them. It will taste so awful and if he or she wants to smoke cigarettes, he or she will remember the horrible taste of cigarettes dipped in milk. This can help to reduce yearnings, thus, rid you of nicotine addiction. You can also try organic low-fat yogurt and cheese. Water will be great and if you are an ex-smoker and weigh 120 lbs, it is advisable to drink at least 60 ounces.
  2. Orange Juices. When you smoke regularly, you lose a lot of Vitamin C. To quit smoking quickly, it is recommended to take more of natural Vitamin C such as oranges, black currants, and other fruits rich in natural Vitamin C. However, for those who are using the commercially-made juices, watch the sugar involved.
  3. Celery and other vegetables like zucchini, eggplants, beans and cucumbers. They affect the taste of cigarettes.  Specialists also assert that eating lots of vegetable can actually reduce your dependence on nicotine. Eating celery or carrot sticks is recommended to reduce the cravings. But, eating lots of sweet vegetables is not good because it contains glucose which can trigger some areas of the brain responsible for pleasure and satisfaction, hence, can arouse cravings.
  4. Broccoli has enormous types of therapeutic characteristics. It helps to reduce the risks of lung illnesses such as lung cancer. It has sulforaphane which is an element that improves the activity of NRF2 gene and guards the lungs from toxic harms. But nicotine destroys the activity of sulforaphane and studies have revealed that this therapeutic characteristic of broccoli might not work for smokers.
  5. Taking one glass of red wine daily is proven to reduce the risks of lung cancer for smokers and non smokers. This was established through a study made by researches in South California. They found out that those who drink one glass of red wine each day will have about 60% chances to this cancer. Red wine contains flavonoids and resveratol, which are also helpful for the blood and heart because it prevents blood clots.


Avoid alcohol, coffee and meat because they make cigarettes taste good!

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