Helping Your Children Stop Smoking

There are many programs that are making efforts to help teens quit the habit of smoking. One of these groups or institutions involved in this effort is the Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic who arranges a clinical trial for teens in the 12-19 year age bracket. A study was conducted on Adolescent Smoking Cessation which aims to assess the protection, acceptability, and effectiveness of the trial drug upon adolescent smokers. The study emphasizes the point that teen smoking is usually initiated because of peer pressure. Most teens consider it to be cool to smoke cigarettes. However, we are all aware of the fact that smoking destroys an individual and can even prove to be fatal. Another point also arose in the study which suggested that most adult smokers began smoking in their teens.

 Statistics tell us that adolescent smoking is highly prevalent. Dr. Brad Diner of Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic intends to help such children before their addiction becomes permanent.  This is one of the prime reasons that the APC joins the countrywide clinical trial in an effort to prevent children from ever lighting their first cigarette. This clinical trial was introduced and developed by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company. Dr. Diner, the lead researcher, disclosed that the participants will be given a dosage of Chantix. Chantix has proven to be effective upon adults and the clinical group is researching its effects upon teenagers as compared to using placebos.


Although the law has set the legal age of smoking at 18, the clinical trial is testing adolescents to participate in the study from the age of 12-19. Dr. Diner further states that participation in the trial must be with parental permission, collaboration, and involvement. Parents will play a vital and significant role in helping their children quit smoking.

 The participants will be given a placebo or a Chantix for a period of 12 weeks along with counseling sessions. Activities will vary in every visit and participants will be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that they are safe and doing well. The staff will also monitor the progress of the teenagers involved in the study and ensure that they are not suffering from any unpleasant side effects or unwanted experiences.

 Just like any other study, the participants will be rewarded with incentives such as iTunes gift cards, candy, or a backpack in addition to the monetary benefit that is given to them for every visit made.



After the study, the participants will be monitored for nine months regarding their smoking habits. Hence, the study will be conducted for approximately one year. Currently, the study contains 300 participants and for those who are interested in participating in the study, please call the clinic at (501) 448-0060 for further information.


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