One Less Cigarette a Day

Many articles target the problem of the adverse effects of smoking upon humans and the environment they reside in. In the same manner, many smoking cessation programs have been designed to help with this dilemma. This particular article describes a method to attempt to quit smoking using only your determination, will power, and motivation. This model is called the Pyramid Method.

How is the Pyramid Method Applied?

The application is very simple and easy. First, you must estimate the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. Then plan to smoke the same number of cigarettes the following day as you had estimated the previous day. The following or third day into this procedure, reduce the quantity of cigarettes by one cigarette. Keep reducing the quantity by one daily until you get to zero cigarettes a day.

The most critical and difficult stage in the process is to be able to quit smoking whenever you feel accustomed to it. If you are a regular smoker and smoke 16 cigarettes a day, you wake up at 7 in the morning and go to bed at 11, you must smoke one cigarette every hour and one an hour before you go to bed. Then next day, reduce your intake to fifteen cigarettes a day. As the days continue, the hours going by will go to three, four, and lower until you reach only one cigarette a day!

 How can this method aid the smokers in quitting smoking?

Another important point to note in this method is that when you smoke more than the regular amount of cigarettes in a day, you do not have to return to your starting point as the token economy method would tell you to do. You just have to aim to reduce your intake by one cigarette the next day compared to your current intake.

 Do not return to your smoking habits once you have reduced them. Try to lead a smoke-free, healthy, life with a happy mind and body. When you regulate your intake, it will enable you to succeed in this process. The habit of smoking is not what regulates you but it is the fifty-five minutes you spend not smoking each hour that helps you. The concept to focus upon is that if you can go without smoking a cigarette for fifty-five minutes, why not an hour or more until you reach a point where there is nothing to count. This method also enables you to reduce withdrawal symptoms.


Quitting smoking is a difficult and tedious process, however the first step begins with you No matter how effective a smoking cessation or treatment is, it cannot be effective until you yourself prove that you have the determination to succeed. Consult your doctor for guidance, do not delay till tomorrow as tomorrow may never come!

 Quit smoking and have a healthier mind and body!



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