Quit Smoking for Good: Stay In Focused

You may have tried to quit in the past but may have failed because smoking has been a major part of your daily routine, from waking up till the last hour in the evening.

And you wish to give quitting a try once again: quit smoking for good! That’s a good sign!





Kevin Scott Ferentz, M.D., from the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine and currently specializing in smoking cessation, expressed the opinion that choosing a certain date for quitting and sticking to it is a crucial part of the process. Whichever date you decide, you must stick to it. Ferentz observed that one of the biggest mistakes a quitter can make is to give up upon failing. He further suggested that you should not be hard on yourself as quitting is a long, tough, and rigorous process which requires a lot of hard work. So take it easy but remain firm upon your goal: quit smoking for good!

Ferentz has some strategies to help you succeed in your goal to quit smoking:

  • Write down your reasons for quitting in a paper for the sake of referring to when you have the craving for cigarettes.
  • Recall your motives for quitting and write them in a journal to record your feelings regarding your habit. You may want to write the details about places where you always want to smoke, with whom, and why. Read your journal again after five days and identify the feelings and conditions that push you to smoke.
  • Tone down your behavior and list down your “triggers” on the left side of a paper and your strategy on how to cope or avoid these triggers on the right side.
  • Trim down the pleasure quotient. An example is buying menthols when you really dislike them. By doing so, you can make quitting easier and smoking cigarettes may seem to have less appeal to you.
  • Spread the news to your family, relatives, friends, and everyone whom you know that you are quitting smoking. This is also to increase your support group in the process.
  • Throw away all your smoking tools such as ashtrays, matches, and lighters.
  • Apply cold turkey. Against “all odds” stay on your goal and your focus. Quit Smoking for good!
  • Give yourself an incentive or a reward such as picnics or a party to celebrate your success on quitting for regular intervals, like every month or every week.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you experience a relapse. Identify honestly what triggered you to smoke again and plan a way to cope with it. Always remember that cravings are not permanent but just temporary, and it will pass after few minutes.
  • Ask for professional help. Doctors can help you plan a better cessation method that will be more effective for you. There is a lot of online information regarding tools you can use to quit smoking such as electronic cigarettes, nicotine gum, or nicotine patches, and many more.

Whatever method or treatment you use, stay focused on your goal: quit smoking for good!



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