Ways to Cope with Quitting


It is common knowledge that quitting smoking is a tough and rigorous process. It can be the most difficult and the most time-taking task that you have ever indulged in. The day you decide to stop smoking is only the day the process starts. Each day you must decide whether you are going to follow the plan or stop the process. However, when you achieve a single day without a cigarette it means triumph, success, and a small victory.


How can I go through this tough task?

  • You can go to places where smoking cigarettes is banned such as libraries, museums, churches and the like. Look for the “No smoking” signs. This will help you avoid the temptation.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, or any drinks that are associated with smoking. You can try water, energy drinks, or fresh fruit juice. Drinks with low or no calories are a better choice.
  • When you have the urge to take a cigarette, try holding something else such as a pencil, paper clip, or anything but a cigarette. You can light a candle instead of a cigarette.
  • When you miss that sense of having something in your mouth, you can try toothpicks, a sugar-free gum, or lollipops.
  • Learn new habits that can create a non-smoking place for you. Be creative.
  • You have to be ready for forthcoming conditions where you may have the strong urge to smoke a cigarette again. Think of the reasons and motivation for which you have decided to stop smoking. You can have pictures of the people who are significant in your life in your wallet, in your bedroom, or in your workplace to remind you of your goal.
  • Relax. Feel how fresh your lungs are without cigarettes as you take a deep breath or take a shower.
  • Entertain only positive thoughts about the overwhelming benefits of quitting smoking for you and your health. Be patient.
  • Do some small exercises like push-ups and walking up the stairs or just touching your toes to relax your muscles.
  • Keep your blood sugar level constant by eating 4 to 6 small meals. This will also help you forget your desire to smoke cigarettes. Also refrain  from eating sugary and spicy foods because these are triggers for wanting to smoke
  • Do not entertain the tempting thoughts that a single cigarette will not hurt because it surely will.
  • And most of all, give yourself a treat whenever you have achieved your goal of not smoking as an incentive for job well done!







There are still lots of creative things and activities you can do to avoid the temptation of smoking cigarettes and gain weight in the process. Turning away from smoking does not have to be expensive. You can borrow or rent DVDs and do the basic yoga or aerobics. Just use your creativity and you will later notice the benefits this quitting plan has for you and your health.

Quit smoking, be creative, and start living a smoke-free life!


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