Ways to Help Your Teens Stop Smoking

Teen smoking has always been associated with peer pressure and the need for acceptance. In their adolescence, young people feel a very strong need for recognition from their peers. Therefore, to fit “in” with the group, they feel the need to indulge in activities such as smoking. As parents, we all go through the same concerns for our teenagers and are equal participants in the journey of their life trying to guide them through to the right path. However, things do not always work out according to our expectations.


What risks are associated with teen smoking?

The consequences of teen smoking cause an adverse effect on your teen’s health which will result in:

  • Frequent coughing and accumulation of phlegm
  • Respiratory illnesses that do are lasting and severe
  •  Obstruction of the growth of the lungs affecting its functions resulting to shortness of or difficulty in  breathing
  • Health condition is deteriorating 

What are the Signs of your Child Smoking?

  •  There are burns in clothing and they smell like smoke or tobacco
  •  Husky voice, coughing and sore throat
  • Discolored teeth and bad breath
  •  Recurrent colds
  • Reduced interest in athletic activities

The question lies with how to help your teen stop smoking. It is a tough task but it is worth as many tries as you can muster. While they may be at fault, you love your child and cannot bear to see them fall into complicated traps or suffer severe consequences.

How can we help our teens stop smoking?

  •  Instead of threats, lectures and nags, try asking them why they like smoking.
  • Explain the direct effects of smoking like how expensive smoking can be, or how the habit can cause bad breath and stains their teeth, and the like. This discussion with your child appears more pleasing to him or her instead of talking to him/her the long-term impacts such as cancer.
  • Illustrate to him or her that it is hard to quit smoking. When he/she tells you that he/she can stop smoking anytime, ask your child to try cold turkey for a week.
  •  Guide your child to design a quitting strategy and support him/her all the way. Nags, lectures, and threats will not help as these will usually backfire. You must remember that the decision to quit smoking is your child’s choice. With your guidance coupled with patience, love, and understanding, your child will go through it successfully.


 Hence, the most important way to try to help them is to communicate with them. Try these methods and help your teen quit smoking today!

2 Responses to “Ways to Help Your Teens Stop Smoking”

  1. Humbler Acts says:


    I feel for any adolescent who gets caught in the smoking trap. We all know what he or she is thinking: no big deal, other folks have problems–not me, and it’s a long way to smoking related illnesses…Nothing to worry about now.

    There are all sorts of ways to stop. And any of them can work.

    If I can be of help, I’d like to be.


    Humbler Acts

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