What If Your Parents are Smoking?

You are aware of the adverse consequences that smoking cigarettes can cause to human health and life. However, how do you cope with a situation in which one or both of your parents are smoking? You might feel anxious about their health or feel annoyed and embarrassed with the smell of lingering cigarette smoke. It is difficult to just tell your parents to quit smoking and it might not work. However, as their child, you can inspire and motivate them to quit smoking for the following reasons:

  • Smoking affects their health and will make them very sick.
  • Smoking can cause secondhand smoke which is hazardous to you.
  • Smoking can deter them to help you in your school activities because they are sick and may have difficulty breathing.


You can also help them in the quitting process by printing articles about the harmful effects of smoking and inform them that there are government programs that can assist them through the smoking cessation programs. When you convey this information to them with love and concern for their health, it is very likely to work. Encourage them to research the smoking cessation programs and join them.

What if your parents feel annoyed with the fact that you are telling them about smoking and forcing them to quit? Some adults may feel threatened as they do not feel comfortable with someone younger telling them that they are not doing something right. They may feel offended especially when they are not in a position to quit. They may have also tried to quit previously but had not succeeded.

Bear in mind that it is essential to be kind and polite when you are addressing this topic with your parents. Giving up the habit of smoking is not an easy process and you must understand that. Shouting at them will not be effective but showing concern with love and telling them that you need them to be with you for many years may do the magic. In due time, they will realize the truth in your statements.

When they decide to stop smoking, support them all the way! Help them through the process especially when they express a craving for a cigarette. Suggest going for a walk, playing with puzzles, exercising, or listening to music together!


When they are successful and refrain from smoking for a certain period, whether it is a week or a month, celebrate with them!



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